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Sorry I’ve been away from the blog, folks – I’ve had some interesting developments in my personal life, (and professional life!), and have big plans to move forward with our reviews.

The TL;DR of the situation is, essentially, I now work for Anthony’s Cigar Emporium in Tucson, Arizona and have access to their humidor and facilities. With a generous push from my brother, and his good friend Darious Britt (D4Darious on Youtube), I may also be looking into doing reviews in additional formats, and using entirely original content.

On that note, you’ll notice that some of the images from the site are gone; Specifically, the images from Cigars International have been removed as per our contract, and will be updated with new images as I obtain those cigars again to sample and taste them, if they still exist of course.

Secondarily, the front page contains information about the blog and the site’s purpose, instead of being greeted by strictly new reviews and posts. This should hopefully give us some focus on the purpose of the site, so newcomers can better (quickly) see what we’re about.

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OSOK – One Shot One Kill

Edgar Hoill - OSOK - One Shot One Kill
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Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved.

Quick Stats Label
Company: OSOK
Maker: Edgar Hoill
Body: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Maduro
Size: Salomon, 7.0″x52
Country: Nicaragua (puro)
Edgar Hoill - OSOK (One Shot One KIll)

After Anthony’s Cigar Emporium opened their fourth location in Tucson, they celebrated by premiering a new line of cigars from Edgar Hoill, known as the OSOK or One Shot One Kill. The details on this cigar are kind of hard to get, because they’re SO new – but suffice it to say that Edgar has roots in Camacho, CLE, and if you look at Edgar’s website, Wynwood and Asylum! Based on that alone, I was excited to try this cigar – and I was not disappointed.

Starting off a little tight (many who smoked had draw issues at the start of the cigar, not uncommon for a Salomon), you have to really let this cigar “warm up” before you can judge it’s flavor – I’d say about 5-10 minutes. After that warm up period, you get a very strong, full bodied and smooth cigar that’s reminiscent of Camacho’s “Triple Maduro”, of which I am very fond.

The first third is entirely flavor – no heat, the nicotine doesn’t really hit you in the face (although it definitely has the meat and potatoes body I’d expect out of a cigar this size and maduro wrapper), and it holds it’s own. I’d recommend a lighter beer (we were drinking Heinekin), or something that you don’t mind getting erased from your pallete as soon as you take another draw.

The second third was a little warm, and I could definitely feel the nicotine starting to creep up on me. As long as you keep drinking something (I switched to water), the flavor isn’t overwhelming, and the smoke is very thick (a big plus from me.)

The last third was warm, but not too hot, but the nicotine was STRONG – I found myself a little wobbly in the knees and needing more and more water. Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot of tar (though near the end, there was) and the flavor was full force.

Now, of course, seeing as how these are brand new smokes, I have very little (next to NO) idea what kind of distribution they have, however, they are available on Cigars International (so probably also on CBid) – and I did get it from the reps themselves that they’re going to keep it a botique (under 10,000/ yr) brand for a while to test the waters and see how it sells – so if you want to give it a shot, don’t be shy about considering buying a box. Something tells me these are going to be as hard to find as Viaje was when it was starting out.

No construction issues to mention, and as I said earlier, I’d pair it with something light and easy to drink – if you’re eating, I’d recommend finishing the cigar first, or it’s going to push it’s way to the Main Course real quick.

Quick Notes
  • Easy to Light
  • Strong, excellent for Advanced Smokers
  • Limited Distribution, available online but it’s going to be a botique brand for a while (10,000 units / year or less)
  • Multiple Sizes, all Salomon in shape
  • Good with lighter drinks / foods (Coffee, Lighter Beer, etc)
  • Reminiscent of Camacho’s “Triple Maduro”

A Change of Heart

… and a change of pace. I’ve decided to pick back up the blog, and continue to write reviews. Because right now, I could definitely do with a little de-stressing.

Expect a slow revamp, and continued reviews, those of you who watch!